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Here's Exactly How audIT Works To Increase Your Close Rate, Boost MRR And Save You A Ton Of Time

Step 1 - Show Them Their Current State

Command Their Attention

audIT makes it easy to grab and hold their attention. Start by giving them a 30-thousand-foot view of your findings. Show them exactly where they are today. They will lean in and want to know more.

With audIT, they will understand immediately that they need help with their IT (from you). They will know where they stand and see all that value they are missing as they begin to see you as the trusted advisor.

Stay Out Of The Weeds

Show them the detail... but keep it non-technical and focused on their business problems. This is how SMBs buy.

Tech-talk and geek-speak is the fastest way to go off topic and confuse your prospects and customers. And a confused mind never buys.

audIT gives them the details they need and focuses in on their problems and the business impact of fixing it with you. The ironic part is they will feel like they got much more detail out of this presentation than any technical report you could show them.

Explain It With A Picture

A picture is worth a thousand words. audIT comes pre-loaded with all the infographics you need.

If they are confused with anything, simply turn to the info-graphic to educate them. It's scientifically proven that they will understand and retain more when they both hear and see.

You can use the audIT pre-loaded infographics or upload your own. They will then be generated on your presentation output wherever there's a red or yellow.

Step 2 - Show Them Their Future State

Demonstrate How You're Going To Solve Their Problems

Now that they've seen their current state, show them how you will save the day.

Go through the exact same process demonstrating your solution. But not by selling off a proposal or quote where all they'll focus on is price.

Move through the same exact steps. They'll understand the value their missing and easily see the value you provide. 

Step 3 - Close The Deal With Little To No Price Resistance

Show The Value Gap And Win The Deal

The "gap" is where the value (and money) lives. The wider the gap, the more money to be made.

Compare where they are today with their current provider and where you're going to take them.

If you're like the average audIT user, you've never had such an easy time closing a deal. And you've never avoided the typical price objections and questions so easily.

audIT makes it easy for you to demonstrate the value in such a way that gets the prospect asking you if they can buy. The simplest sales tool ever available to MSPs is waiting for you to get started today.

Step 4 - Use audIT With Your Clients In Business Reviews

Stop Leaving The Easy Money On The Table

Your clients will love seeing audIT during a business review. audIT makes the business review a time-saving breeze. And it makes up-selling and cross-selling frictionless.

Your customers will ask you why something is red, they'll want to know more and will want to turn that box green. 

audIT users tell us all the time it's never been easier to get their customers buying upgrades. Your clients will want to buy that green box without feeling sold or tricked.

Create Your Business Review In As Little As Ten Minutes

Just clone your most recent audIT. Then edit the duplicate audIT. Then generate the presentation.

You can print the audIT as a stand-alone and simply show them where they are this review cycle. 

Or compare this review with a previous review. Or compare this review with last year's review. Or compare it to where they were on day 1.

They will always understand and never question the value your MSP provides them. And you'll never have to fight to persuade them to upgrade again. In fact, they won't feel like they're being sold at all. That's the genius behind audIT for business reviews.

What audIT Users Have To Say

Brian Benton - Chief Technology
Xccelerator at XCCELERO

"Your prospects are signing up with us because we are using audIT"

Chris Edwards - Valley Expetec

"I use audIT to print money!"

Nathan Howell - Advantec

"$1,500 MRR in just one deal thanks to audIT!"

Brian Wyble -infoTECH Solutions, LLC

"audIT has been a game-changer for InfoTECH Solutions. The relatable way that we can show prospects and clients their current IT environment vs a future state helps move us from a seller to a trusted advisor. It has shortened our sales cycle and allowed us to increase our average per seat price by 20%. I would recommend this tool to any MSP having issues growing their business"

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